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In our offer, apart from various types of spiral and confectionery mixers, we also have whisks - special equipment for whipping and grating light cakes and confectionery masses. Equipped with detachable dividers, they are ideal for large volume masses, which is why their canisters, depending on the model, can hold from 130 to 350 liters. The tumbler offered by MASZ Gliwice will enrich the equipment of each bakery and confectionery with a solid, safe and easy to use element.

Confectionery whisk - construction, operation and application

As it has already been mentioned, the beaters have been specially created to mix, grind and whip delicate confectionery and light pastries. For this purpose, they were equipped with special tips designed for whipping different types of masses: fin, cross and rod. In contrast to the standard spiral tumblers from our offer (on the basis of which it was built), the mixer-whisk is equipped with a quick-release coupling, allowing quick and easy replacement of the tips for work.

The body of the machine is made of varnished steel, and the pan, its wire lid, tips for work and the dough scraper - made of acid-resistant steel. On the back of the body there is a switch for manual mode, allowing to continue the work started during the failure of the electronic system. Thanks to the use of modern and effective solutions, the kneading machine works very quietly.

Similar to the construction of a spiral mixer with a traveling bowl, the beater is automatically pulled and locked under the head, which mechanically raises thanks to hydraulic cylinders. The electrovalve mounted on the head adds to the pan the amount of water determined by the control panel. The device panel is easy to use and allows you to program and save the entire technological process.

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