MASZ Malinowski Gliwice
Phone +48 (32) 234-24-47


Serwis maszyn piekarniczych

24h BREAKDOWN REPORTING exclusively through the contact form +48 (32) 234 24 47


For international customers please contact your local distributor directly.


Please inform us as soon as possible by phone about the breakdown by calling +48 (32) 234 24 47 or +48 (32) 335 61 27 or by sending a fax to the number +48 (32) 461 00 30. You can also use e-mail: Remember to describe as precisely as possible the symptoms of failure and determine the exact type of machine (number and type of machine on the nameplate). Failures will be removed as soon as possible, after consultation with the main service provider (Andrzej Urbaniak) and head of the service and production (Martin Zdziebko). We encourage you to direct contact with these people. Telephone contact numbers are given below.

Note. The breakdown report should be given with a contact phone number to start the necessary maintenance work.

Production Manager

Ździebko Marcin
+48 502-609-561


Urbaniak Andrzej
+48 508 175 786
+48 781-520-296

Ordering parts

+48 32 234-24-47
+48 502-609-561


Nadolski Tomasz
+48 507-039-927

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