Wyposażenie i sprzęt piekarniczy

Our tippers are designed for lifting and tipping of the masses of dough to the other bakery machines directly from the mixer or directly from the removable bowl in two versions: low (RB) and high (RS). Basicly it is characterized by a high performance and a guarantee of safety marginal. Lifters have manual control panel with safety switch. Lifters are adapted to bowl at 80, 100, 130, 160 and 250kg of dough. The maximum height for a small tipping machine reaches 2.55 m and 3.1 m for the higher version.

Tippers for spiral dough mixers with removable bowl TYPE I

Available in the following configurations:           
1.Material used:           
  • Standard - marked with the letter "S", this version of the machine and it's shell are made of structural steel.           
  • Inox - marked with the letter "I" in this version of the machine it's made of stainless steel.           
    2. Tipping page:           
  • left           
  • right           
    3. Pick type:           
  • with picking           
  • without picking           
    4. Tipping type           
  • on his back           
  • directly on the table           
  • Lifting time: 15s.           
  • Power: 3x380/50 V / Hz           
  • Weight: 480 kg