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Universal automatic foot cutter with rotary table Adapt to all types of cakes and cakes. Solid construction, precise device layout, automatic blade cleaning and heating system and adjustable cutting head operating speed completely unlimited possibilities of using devices to use the product. Available at affordable prices and with small domestic dimensions, it is good and economical used for small and large confectionery packaging.

  • Cutting portions of cakes into round, square and triangular shapes.
  • Round dough can be divided into 2/4/6/8/10/12/14 equal parts (20 memory modes in total).
  • Rectangular dough - cutting range 600x400 mm, a total of 20 different memory modes.
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    Cake / round cake diameter 15-30 cm
    Cake / rectangular cake (slicing into rectangular shapes) 66 cm x 66 cm
    Cake / rectangular cake (slicing into triangular shapes) 60 cm x 40 cm
    Dimensions (l. / w. / h.): 1200 x 1110 x 1470 mm
    Weight 380 kg
    Motor power 0,8 kW
    Voltage 220 V

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