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Dough mixers proposed by MASZ Gliwice, which are used to mix ingredients for bakery dough, will work well in every bakery and pastry shop. We can offer you mixers with different bowl capacities, so you can choose a device that will perfectly match the volume of production and the needs of the gastronomic point. Our dough mixers are distinguished by their stable and very well thought-out design and excellent workmanship, made of good quality materials. Their body was made of durable painted steel, while the bowl, dough scraper and wire bowl cover - made of acid-resistant steel. The machines allow you to get good quality, mixed dough in a short time, and thus positively affect work efficiency. Unlike traditional spiral mixers, the offered dough mixers are equipped with a quick connector, which allows easy tool change.

MASZ Gliwice - mixers for professional use

Among the MASZ Gliwice products you will find cake mixers with different bowl sizes - 130, 180, 260 and 350 liters. The devices are perfect for whipping and grinding confectionery masses, also for preparing light cakes. The mixers are equipped with LED bowl lighting and a touch panel that facilitates the operation of the device - it gives the possibility of programming, saving the technological process, as well as setting working times or controlling the temperature of the bowl mass. Smooth rotation control is provided by a motor controlled by an inverter. Mixers also have a switch that allows you to switch to manual mode, so that the machine can work e.g. in the event of an electronic system failure. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full specification of our pastry mixers.

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