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Our assortment also includes smaller gastronomy equipment, which in order to organize our offer, we universally called accessories. They are a variety of equipment, useful both in a professional bakery and in a small pastry shop. These include: various types of knives, blades, spoons, baking sheets and confectionery and bakery forms, as well as bakery carts and scales.

Sheets and confectionery forms for bakeries

The wide range of sheets we offer will allow for professional and comprehensive equipment for every bakery or confectionery. In our assortment you will find specialized baking sheets for baking hamburger rolls, baguettes and pizzas, as well as confectionery sheet for making muffins. Our confectionery and bakery sheets are made of aluminum or coated with this material, perforated or smooth.

Our offer of confectionery and bakery forms are individual forms as well as whole sets. These are forms for special occasions, such as Easter bunnies, chanterelles and lambs, as well as ordinary forms for everyday baking, for example for toasted bread, muffins, various types of cakes and pastries, and even pizza. In our assortment you will find both aluminum forms and, recently more and more popular, made of silicone. We also offer baking and confectionery forms made of stainless steel.

Bakery carts - for transport, for ovens and for cooling bread

MASZ Gliwice also offers a wide selection of bakery carts, made of high-quality profiles and acid-resistant sheet metal. They are completely resistant to high temperatures, because even their wheels are made of heat-resistant plastic. At the special request of our clients we are able to produce a bakery trolley with non-standard dimensions - we are fully at your disposal. In addition to rolling oven trolleys, we also have a wide selection of transport and cooling trolleys as well as container and sack trolleys.

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